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beautifulperiodictable.com is a site lead by Erping Wu, powered by Janes, mainly showing chemical elements pure samples, common compounds, and some mineral samples. The size of photo will be 1440x1440 pixels. The content of this website is only for people who are interested with chemistry for reference. We are not liable for all the consequences brought by using and referencing the pictures and texts.

The site will be opened in many languages, and I have to apologize for the English version is not as developed as Chinese. I have to translate the pages one by one, and it should be a long process. However, I am trying my best to open more samples in English version. I would appreciate any suggestions and contents of the site.

Erping Wu

Erping Wu

Director, designer of the website, photo and text composer

I have started studying chemistry since 2011. Later, a page of element collection showed in my text book attracted me, and then I found element collecting as a hobby and kept it through the years, during which I met really wonderful books, such as THE ELEMENTS by Theodore Gray. Then I have collected hundreds of samples over the years, my collections include pure element samples, some compounds and minerals. Because my high school work was really heavy, so I can't display them out in the past few years. Now I have finished my high school, and have enough time to build up a site to share them with others, so that's why the site is here.

The site is mainly about chemistry, and also some other subjects, such as physics and biology. Don't worry if you don't know these subjects very well, I will try to explain it with a way easy to be understood. So viewing the site is another way to study.

All the photos about element samples in this site without noting are photoed and edited by myself, and I keep all rights reserved. They are encouraged to be used in education or some other non-commercial purposes. If you want to use them, just connect with me, I will give you the pictures if I think you are able to get them. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

My plan is to display the element samples, give out the data which are useful, and the stories behind them, which tells how I get them and my own description. The photos are photographed by myself, using SONY NEX-7, I have tried my best to provide the most beautiful photo. The samples are chosen from my collection, they are all different from each other. I will try to collect more significant samples, such as crystalline metal, or glass sealed reactive metals. The site will update occasionally, it depends on how busy I will be.

Of course I will keep this hobby, collect the element samples in the future, and I will be really happy if you can help me get (exchange or buy) some nice samples. Just reach me, for you have some suggestions about this site, or want to provide some samples. I will reply you as soon as I can. Thank you!

E-mail address:wuerping1998@126.com



During my collecting I have met some collectors around the world, and here are their sites. Please connect me if you have found similar site.

Element collection from Theodore Gray :www.periodictable.com

Element collection from Ivan Timokhin :www.periodictable.ru

Element collection from Heinrich Pniok :pse-mendelejew.de

Element collection from Alex Pan :alexelement.com

Element collection from Daniele Paglialunga :www.tavolaperiodica.it

Wish you can benefit from these sites!