Welcome to this site! Here, I will share my element collection which I've made since 2011, the year when I began to study chemistry and meet with the chemical elements. It was then that I found element collecting as a hobby and kept it through the years. Here you will be able to see the exact looking of most elements' pure samples. I am not sure whether they are the most beautiful samples in the world; but i am sure they are all cute samples with interesting stories behind. I believe viewing these samples can give you a new comprehension of the chemical elements.

I have always wanted to share my collections with others, but my high school work was really heavy and I didn't have enough time. Now my high school is over, and I think I can have enough time to manage this website and share my collections. As you can see, the building work is already finished and some elements are opened this August, you can visit them by clicking the button top right corner. Thanks to Janes for helping me to build the website, and also you, for following and supporting my collection. I will keep updating the site if I have enough time.

The director of the website
Erping Wu
Aug. 2016